Our Concept
Legal Expertise for the Global Marketplace.

The International Association of Practising Lawyers (IAPL) was set up to answer the complex and rapidly changing legal requirements of companies with business in the Global Marketplace.

Your companies may already be involved in overseas markets and are aware of the implications that international trading will have on functions such as marketing and distribution.

The quality of the legal advice and services you receive are of paramount importance to the success of your business in the global markets.

Every IAPL member is committed to offering the same standards of professional and personal services in their respective jurisdiction that you would expect in your own country.

International accessibility, high professional standards, personal service and genuine local knowledge

The aim of the IAPL is to provide your company with a service tailored to your particular business needs.

This has been achieved through the Association's unique structure and diverse membership.

A truly international network of lawyers, IAPL members are based in key business centres throughout the world. In fact, wherever your business takes you, an IAPL member will always be within easy reach.

Your business will be handled by a personally recommended professional with an international outlook.

We are well established in Hong Kong and China; Central and Eastern Europe, areas that have become major focus for business expansion and investment.

Quality membership, hallmark of excellence

IAPL membership is generally restricted to the senior partners of one legal practice and to one member within each international centre.

Stringent membership requirements ensure that the highest professional standards are maintained throughout the Association.

This means that when you work with an IAPL member you can be confident that you will be dealing with a well qualified and seasoned lawyer.

You will be dealing with firms well established in their respective jurisdictions, and with lawyers who have a clear understanding of local business practices and legal procedure.

IAPL has more to offer than traditional alliance of services

The IAPL was established in 1982 to offer an alternative to the impersonal, and often haphazard international legal services available at that time. Since then it has developed its services to reflect the widening requirements of its members' clients by offering a network of competent and outstanding lawyers throughout the world.

Today this extends to services of local lawyers which include every aspect of legal advice and representation a company such as yours will require in the global  trade arena.

For example, legal auditing specifically answers the needs of companies setting up overseas subsidiaries. This service is proving to be particularly useful in the run-up to the Single European Market. The IAPL is also able to provide global solutions for ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) as conciliators and mediators.

The Association is a tight-knit organization with a programme of initiatives designed to strengthen the working relationships between members.

A competitive edge in the Global arena

IAPL members meet regularly to discuss developments in international law and the implications of global business trends.

The Association provides its members with work exchange opportunities, allowing lawyers to gain first-hand experience of other countries' professional practice.

By working together in this way IAPL members can provide more than just a highly professional legal service.

Through regular and frequent contact with their overseas counterparts, our members can develop a genuine insight into the legal and economic factors abroad affecting their clients' business.

An insight that could give you the competitive edge in an international market.

Relying on smooth-running and efficient legal support you can concentrate on your business and on expanding your commercial interests in new international markets.